Recent Works


Nai Uchu no Kodo-ten

22/11/2014 23:45
Two of Atsushi's paintings are on display at the Nai Uchu...

Japan Bird Festival 2014 -- Wildlife Art Exhibition

17/10/2014 23:40
Two of Atsushi's paintings will be on display at the Japan...

Art Festival of Tokyo -- Sept. 9-15

31/07/2014 23:55
Atsu's work will be on display at the 2014 Art Festival of...

Small Lives Exhibition -- Sept. 1-6 in Ginza

31/07/2014 23:51
Atsu's work will be on display at the Small Lives group...

2014 Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition

14/04/2014 19:00
Atsu is honored to have had four of his pieces selected for...

Animal Planet Exhibition

07/04/2014 19:00
Atsu will be among those exhibited in the Animal Planet...

Yume no Histoire Exhibition

31/03/2014 19:00
Atsu will exhibit his work at the Yume no Histoire...
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